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Current favorite TV shows

Lately, I have been bed-ridden and apart from my lovely pack of boys, there is something else that had to my rescue – TV. I am not much of a TV person, myself, (we don’t have cable) but there are a few shows that can light me up or intrigue me to a good healthy level of distraction. Here are my favorite shows streaming on Netflix and Amazon (irrespective of their genre): Continue reading “Current favorite TV shows”

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Strange yet funny things new moms do

No memes, no explanation. These are few of the many strange yet ridiculously hilarious things I caught myself doing in the first few months as a new mom. I got some down but I still struggle with a few. Let’s see:

  1. Swaying back and forth to pacify or soothe yourself
  2. Driving way too slowly when the little one is with you in the car
  3. Sitting with your child behind when someone else is driving
  4. Waking up in the middle of the night out of fear, and playing it cool
  5. Checking if your baby is breathing properly, again and again
  6. Singing that one song the entire day, even in the middle of an important conversation and getting annoyed about it. [Bingo was his name-o!]
  7. Singing ‘ABC’ and ‘wheels on the bus’ in your sleep
  8. Lots of clapping and weird funny noises. Lots of them.
  9. Reheating the same morning coffee cup at noon cause you couldn’t finish it in one go
  10. Celebrating with a warm shower, favorite pair of pajamas, and a glass of wine after the baby falls asleep
  11. Then, regretting the celebration/excitement cause it won’t let you fall sleep
  12. Fearing the doorbell or a knock would wake the baby, even though the baby is wide awake
  13. ‘Please shower!’ begins your to-do list
  14. Forgetting the diaper bag
  15. I once tried to open my house by pressing the unlock button of my car keys. Yep, that happened!

I am sure this is part 1 of a rather long list but one thing that tops all lists is the abundance of love we have for these little humans we’ve created.

Until next time,

Please spread love &  be kind,


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Top 15 ½ culture shocks: India to US edition

I woke up to the US on the first day of 2013. I landed in Los Angeles, my new home and I was filled with mixed emotions. I missed home but at the same time, I was thrilled for a new adventure I put myself into. I go ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ on most thing. So, here are the top 15 ½ culture shocks I observed in my 4 years of staying in and traveling around this beautiful country:

Continue reading “Top 15 ½ culture shocks: India to US edition”

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Every day is not a good day

It is a known fact for all those who ‘know me’ that I am a bit of an organizer myself. I like lists and plans and what I like more than lists is the moment I get to strike tasks off of it. No matter how chaotic my personal life was, I always made sure I had a productive day in terms of my professional life, rather professional development. Sometimes I made it through but sometimes I fell apart like a house of cards. Continue reading “Every day is not a good day”