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Note to self

I am just waking up from this awesome dream that I was living. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this time of the year is our busiest. We share our birthdays in the same week and ever since we are together, we have celebrated the entire week instead of just the days. Taking up the 30-day writing challenge was not only poorly timed by yours truly but also poorly executed. I am in the middle of so much right now [Baby P, Happy, Home, Studies, Scrapbook, Digital frame, books, Exam] that taking up a new project that has a specific timeline is not in my best interest. I am going to first finish all the projects (personal and professional) that I have already taken up.

Long story short, you may notice some changes in the blog. I have moved things around a bit to fit my current situation. I do plan to write as and when I can. This month is a bit hectic for me with Baby P’s first birthday and my major test coming up. I will do my best to post daily during the glorious nap-time. I may do a bunch of daily writing challenge prompts here and there too.

You see, this is the biggest problem being an intuitive artist, rigidity, and schedule.

Thanks for being patient with me,



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