Hi there!

Welcome to my world of organized chaos – Call for Thoughts.

I am Pooja, the woman behind Spectrum PBR. I earned my Masters degree in Communication Studies from a university in Southern California. I am currently working on one of my dreams to pursue a Doctorate degree. I am a new mom to a beautiful baby boy, I am also a mom to a goofball of a dog, Happy and a loving wife. I consider myself an intuitive artist, all that I create is a product of intuition and love. Most of my work is open to interpretation. I am a new blogger but I am certain that I will figure it out eventually, I always do. In this blog, you will explore with me a wide spectrum of topics from life, love, relationships, places, to my journey as a new mom, a dog parent, and everything in between. I am an explorer and an artist at heart.

Let’s have a good time, shall we?

Spread love and kindness,